"The Car Ride Home"
by Mike Bergstrom

A Book Every Parent Should Read


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"I appreciate the gentle humor that is used to approach behavior that we have all shown or seen. This book is a "quick" read but rich in values. There is something in at least one of the chapters that everyone will identify with. I loved it!"  

- Judy Chesley, Parent

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By Mike Bergstrom


Chapter 1
     Mom and Dadís Job

Chapter 2
     Referees Ė The Whole World is a Critic

Chapter 3
     Is Now a Good Time Coach?

Chapter 4
     Meet the Parents

Chapter 5
     The Internet: A Brave New World

Chapter 6
If You Ask Me Sweetheart

Chapter 7
Donít Even Get Me Started on Your Coach

Chapter 8
What's Your Coach See in Susie

Chapter 9
Apples & Oranges



Chapter 10
Remote Control Dad

Chapter 11
The Parent Coach - You are entering the danger zone

Chapter 12
Perspective Ė Hard to Keep, Worse to Lose



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